Top 3 Reasons why you RE-GAIN Weight!

Top 3 Reasons why you RE-GAIN weight

(I had to learn this below the hard way, after these tips, I stopped gaining more weight)

1️⃣Your diet isn’t sustainable –

The number one reason people gain back weight is driven by using a very restrictive diet plan. It certainly sucks to lose 20 pounds or more of weight and then you slowly stir away from your diet to gain it all back again or even worse you gain back more weight. This struggle is actually common because when people tend to set weight loss goals it focused on losing weight for a time / event (wedding, birthday, vacation etc.) Also, stop calling my eating habits “a diet” – a diet signals to your brain this is temporary, so when you reach your goal, you think it is ok to stop. Plus, I got tired of my kids keep asking me are you still on your diet? LOL

📝See More Results Tip on overcoming unsustainable diets >>>>>Find an eat to live plan (proper guidance tailored to your individual needs and STOP calling it a DIET)!

2️⃣Your thoughts tell yourself “you are fat”-Most people wouldn’t believe how much the mindset plays a part in you regaining weight. Your mindset has A LOT to do with you regaining weight. I used to struggle with body image issues, what I saw in the mirror was a fat girl (excuse my language here, just keeping it real with you on how I use to view myself). And what we believe about ourselves is a “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.” If you see fat person in the mirror, you create that story for yourself no matter how small you actually are. People would complement me about my size and inside I would think “damn I am fat, what are they seeing,” and slowly the weight gain happened. I would think eating certain foods would make me fat and that became true as well. On the flip side, I learned to stop thinking I am fat and created a new story for myself. After seeing slender people eat whatever they choose but still remain the same size, I thought there has to be more to the story. Fast forward, when I change my story line, I noticed I could eat pizza or ice cream and I did not gain weight. And when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a strong athlete. This helped me stop gaining weight after my weight loss.

📝See More Results Tip on winning the battle over your mind>>>>>Research shows your brain chemicals and emotions manage your eating habits. Eating habits are set forth based on how you THINK and FEEL! When it comes to desire for food, connections to cognitive portions of the brain are often weak, this is why setting up a routine that will lead you to creating eating habits for long term results wins + getting coaching guidance for your mental is SOOOOOOO important when it comes to stopping weight regain!!!

3️⃣Cardio screwed up your metabolism-

I have learned that it is a popular belief to work extremely hard when it comes to working out as a means to lose weight. This type of thinking contributes to why people will go so hard with cardio but still gain weight. Granted cardio is an essential tool when it comes to losing weight and you should be working hard but you must be challenging your workout with the proper tools. Use cardio as a tool as needed. You wouldn’t use a flat head screwdriver for a Philips (cross head) type of work? When you over train yourself with cardio and cut out very important nutrients for your body, you place havoc on your body and mess up your metabolism! The good news is with the proper guidance and coaching you can repair your metabolism and optimize your results.

📝See More Results Tip on repairing your metabolism>>>>> Be patient when it comes to losing weight. Don’t rush your results, you don’t want rush outcomes. Apply small changes over time. Remember nutrition is important and keep carbohydrates in your diet. DON’T overdue cardio. Trust me when I tell you this, I have learned this from firsthand experience. Focus on body sculpting + adding cardio as it is needed. Your body is like clay, slow down your weightlifting sessions because you don’t want rush results, it will show in your body. And slowly sculpt your body.

Have you struggled from weight regain if so, how did you overcome it? Like, share and stay tuned for more holistic health topics!

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