Starting Your Day with Intense exercise is almost as Good as SEX!

Yes indeed, it FEELS amazing waking up early in the morning! I was reading a book by Robin Sharma "The 5 AM Club" why it is important to start your day off early. Have you ever heard "The early bird gets the worm"?

I believe this to be true in my personal life. I feel like I get more done throughout the day when I wake up early in the morning. Frankly speaking, I wish I had started this 5AM regimen long time ago. I love being able to set my intentions after I wake up in the morning.

Moreover, you can really benefit from at least 15 minutes of intense exercise to increase your focus and set the tone of your day!

Here are some of the BENEFITS from starting your day early!

  • You get to set the tone and momentum at the start of your day!

Have you ever felt like there is not enough time in a day or you feel very overwhelmed half way during your day? And you feel like you just wish the day will end already? Or maybe you've lacked the positive energy to manage all your responsibilities during the day? Well starting your day early allows you to set your intentions for how you desire to feel during the day. When I set my intentions early in the morning, I like to meditate on joy, freedom and gratitude. And during each segment of the day, I can remind myself what is my intended emotion I want to experience today. Doing this will allow you to "think before you speak," gauge each experience from a loving mindset and helps you to focus your attention on the things you desire to manifest into your reality!

  • You release FEEL good hormones!

As you can see from my "catchy" headline title, starting your day with intense exercise triggers the releasing of your FEEL good hormones called "Endorphins." Endorphins are your body's natural way of healing pain and discomfort in the body! And you will feel just as good as you would having good SEX! I love releasing FEEL good hormones because they create a sense of accomplish in reward-producing activities! I encourage you to begin your day with at least 15 minutes of intense exercise to take advantage of your inner human superpowers!

  • You increase your creative flow

Did you know as soon as you awake your cortisol hormones also known as the "Stress Hormones" are highly elevated? Talking about being grumpy in the morning. I definitely have to start with intense exercise and meditation. There are times where I can be "Miss Grumpy" in the morning. After intense exercise and releasing of endorphins, I am more compel to CREATE! I'm more creative and intuitive as well. My juices are just flowing easily. In the book, Robin Sharma "The 5 AM Club", Sharma mentions your brain is most efficient as soon as you awake! Think about it, if you are using your brain all day, by evening your brain can get foggy, tired and drained. This is similar to how a battery's power gets low after continuous usage. We sleep because we need rest to recharge our bodies, thinking and creativity.

Now, I challenge you to do 2 THINGS AFTER READING THIS:





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