Someone asked me...What’s my story?

Updated: May 25, 2020

Redondo Beach, California

So here y’all go, some real shit you wouldn’t believe...

I grew up in Atlanta, Ga where my city is lit 🔥...we’ve come a long way, I must admit. ⁣

I know what adversity feels like...At the age of 6 years old I watched my father beat on my mother. He was an alcoholic trying to cope with his past...⁣

At age 13 years old I watched my mother get handcuff by Georgia Regional Officials, she was diagnosed bi-polar schizophrenia...worse experience in my life because my mother has always been an amazing mom trying to take care of me and my brothers...she’s so protective over us and I know she loves us so much...⁣

My grandmother (a passionate educator) took us in, a small 3 Bedroom home...l can remember me, my mom and brothers all staying in one room...⁣

By the time I graduated high school my mother was locked up in jail on dumb shit beyond her she wasn’t even there for my graduation...⁣

Back in high school, I remember friends who stop talking to me because I bragged about my good grades, broke my heart cuz I felt uncomfortably sharing my dreams / wins with people after that...the shit jealously will do...⁣

By the time I went to college I was lost and broken...still battling with things I never got counseling for...I was suicidal...⁣

Until age 19 yrs old I gave birth to my first son, who gave me a reason to live...I was married for 2 years and then divorced, quite frankly we didn’t know how to respect each other...⁣

Shit hits the fan when I learned my father was doing drugs again, and got sent to prison for being accused of raping a death mute woman. This really fucked me could I trust people? I didn’t know what to believe...he claims till this day he didn’t do it and I actually believe father is a good man just made bad he’s serving a soft life sentence, since then I’ve been his only supporter...

So now I’m in this world super hurt cuz I couldn’t understand why I was dealt these cards...⁣

I started hanging with the wrong crowd, dancing in strips clubs across state, messing up in school...I was so lost...⁣

And then I gave birth to Amari my second son, I realize I had to get my shit together and stop allowing outside circumstances or my family’s pains to become mine...⁣

You see I’ve been through so much adversity, yet I still made a difference in my life...⁣

I took FULL responsibility for myself and stop pointing the finger at everyone else and I TOOK BACK MY POWER!!!⁣

I closed on my first home when I was 27 yrs old⁣ (Home worth almost half a million dollars), started a business CMOResults Fitness Nutrition a Math Degree. Work with some prominent leaders in corporate America. Made a huge difference at my last job General over 40 books in counting in less than 1 year 1/2, snatched my body in less than 3 months AGAIN recently! Started truly living my dreams using my social media platform for motivational speaking and I get paid for it TOO!!! AND I help beginners make money doing what they love to do, earning 6-figures online! I moved to California with the love of my life...people who I admire in my industry are now my peers...⁣

I say all this to you because no matter what you’ve been through or going through it’s your perception that dictates your growth, present moments experiences and future...⁣

I feel like NOW I have it all and I believe you CAN TOO!!!⁣

Because it’s SO POSSIBLE⁣

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