Instant Gratification requires instant Focus

Create your reality with instant focus on what you do want by allowing gratitude to increase what you already have.

Enjoy the sun and allow your life to flow naturally.

I am truly excited to share this with you all!

I believe complaints e.g

what I don't have?

what I don't like?

what I don't need?

only recreates what you don't want!!!

We've all heard of the saying where your focus goes, is where your focus grows! Certainly this is true! We live in a world where convenience is at our fingertips in this day in age. We can drive up to a fast food joint, get our food instantly. We can go to a doctor and get surgery to instant change the way we look. We can send communication instantly via all sorts of mobile devices! I think we are quite spoiled with all the instant abilities we are afforded in this country!

We've all heard of the saying where your focus goes, is where your focus grows!

Yet, this has spoiled us rotten! Because the moment we don't see instant gratification with our business, career, marriage, or relationships with people, we tend to get instantly upset, angry, frustrated or think of failure! I believe some experiences takes time to manifest, in fact it takes time to start anything new in life. It takes time to build healthy relationships, especially the RELATIONSHIP with yourself!

Instant gratification requires instant focus and change maybe with your rituals and habits. How long do you think it took you to put on weight, or habitually be impatient? It will take time/work to reverse the many habits you desire to change!

To receive instant gratification you must look to what you already have, and look to the strengths you already possess to direct away from focusing on your weaknesses. This process takes time! Healing takes time and the key driver is repetition! So the next time you complain, think about what you want to instantly to happen? And how can you be grateful for what you already have to build on while not focusing on what is missing. And start thinking about how instant you are to forgive, release, let go, be discipline, and change? And what are you willing to do to really make the difference in your reality?

Until next time,

Love Ceci`

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