How to Get Started With Online Marketing Even If You Have Never Done it Before!

I remember 2 years ago, I was working in corporate and I was so ready to let it go but I was afraid to walk away from that 6-figure career.

Imagine this...

You’re a mother of 2 kids, you’ve finally caught a break where you can live comfortably.

You have responsibilities, house, car, bills, kids etc. You’re able to travel the world during vacations! And everything seems like it’s on an up and up!

However, deep down inside you know this is how you really feel...

You’re struggling to perform at your very best because you’re so over the mundane job. You don’t feel challenged enough and you know you have a higher calling. You feel like there’s more to your destiny, you just wish you knew where to get started...

You start reading books, watching other motivational speakers and researching your ass off. But still no luck, because you don’t have a clue!

You try to build your personal brand, open an online inspirational clothing store, start a podcast and posting content on social media.

6 months later, you still haven’t made a damn dime! No where as near as what you earn with your corporate job. Your family tell you, you need a platform / foundation / funnels but you feel like how the heck do I create that? And what is a damn Funnel???

Now all your research feels like it was useless! You have all this great advice on Personal Development but no clients to Personally Develop!

So you tell yourself, well I know for a FACT you can earn 6-figures from your corporate job, so you settle or you go back to corporate for LEVERAGE...but in reality you know, you are way in over your head.

Deep down you know you NEED Guidance, A Mentor, Help! You need another successful motivational speaker to help you!!!

That was me! I quit corporate TWICE!! And the second time is the last time! I will never go back knowing what I know now!

I use to be the INDEPENDENT WOMAN who didn’t know how to receive guidance and help....and I could only go so far in my life...

The day I got out of my own way and started the Profit Accelerator Mentoring Program is when things took a turn for me!

I went from closing $500 deals to $5,500 deals!!!

My mentor, Yahya Bakkar saw limiting beliefs I couldn’t see for myself...And he helped me Shift How I Market Myself! I began attracting my ideal clients!

This is why I HIGHLY ADVISE NO ONE to run a motivational speaking / coaching business on your own! You will FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL...

I’ve done the research, all the greatest TOP PAID speakers have mentors and coaches!

I remember Les Brown stating in an interview he had a mentor to helped him to where he is today and he said he recommends one! To me that was confirmation!

I was speaking with one of my mentees Jessica during a call. Hi Jessica, hope you see this! 👋🏽 She was overwhelmed and feeling defeated again! She thought she knew what she needed to do to get herself back on the right path, to increase her sales etc.

However, I can hear her contradicting herself with what she was saying! And she didn’t even notice it! She felt like she was overwhelmed and needed to work harder so she can accomplish her goals. But in reality she was really hurting inside. And there’s not enough busy work that can be done to diminish the pain she was really feeling inside!

She mentioned “I haven’t been through any tragedies, I need to just focus more.” She was downplaying the tragic events that she had experienced in her life. But she DID experience tragedies in her life! She lost her mother at 3 years old and was moved back and forth to multiple homes.

And she was told to keep quiet when she spoke of her mother! How emotionally disturbing is that?

The little girl inside felt abandoned and betrayed. And this showed up in her entrepreneurship as well. She notice people who were coming to her for advice but would do business with other people. So she made her Facebook private (only for friends), which was hindering her to believe she could attract people who had her best interest! Instead she attracted back stabbing events because she had limiting beliefs operating on a lower frequency which slowed the growth of her business! Also stopping her from being open and receptive!

I told her she need to FREE her inner little girl and forgive the ones who let her down so that she can truly release and move on. She needed to let the little girl out the little prison she entrapped her in.

You see, someone listening from the outside can bring awareness to the inside! Another person can help you identify what frequency you’re really vibrating to determine why you’re attracting what you are attracting!

And here’s the key to unlocking your fullest potential, you need to shape the mindset to bridge the gap between who you are today and who you wish to become! You can achieve anything you set your mind to WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET!

Your mindset has to align with your desires in order for them to become a reality! What you believe REALLY MATTERS!!!

I know for a fact, I can point you in the right direction, uncover the limiting beliefs blocking you from receiving what you really desire! And help you align your mindset with your desires. If you know this is YOU,

DM “MINDSET” so I can get you started making money doing what you love to do today!

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