How I went from Anxiety Attacks 1 yr ago to now ACTION-LY living the life of my dreams…

Disclosure: This message is not intended to discredit nor distract you from your 9-5, I believe your job is your investor…

A year ago today 9.24.2019, I was supporting a corporate finance team for General Electric (one of the prestigious teams known). 

During this time, I wanted to confirm if working for corporate was right for me. I had decided to go all in and strive for excellence. What I didn’t know is that later I would be stressed, overworked and experience anxiety attacks.

When I went to the doctor about the anxiety attacks, the doctor mentioned I shouldn’t feel bad because she sees this happening all the time. Although I understood her efforts to comfort me, I still felt embarrassed. I was in tears because I didn't want to allow this to be my new normal.

I felt like this was insane. Why would people spend 8 -12 hours a day/ 5 days a week, stressed, overworked and unhappy?

I could care less about moving up the ladder at this point. I knew this type of work was definitely not cut out for me. I wanted to do something with purpose. And Motivational Speaking was so dear to my heart. I thought to myself if only I could replace the job income with doing something I really enjoy that would bring me happiness. 

I love laughing and uplifting people. I have a positive spirit. I wanted to get paid to brighten the world similar to how I was uplifting the people I worked with. I would find myself giving small motivational speeches at work. I was the positive light on the team.

I can remember one of my co-workers complaining every Monday when we came into work. LOL. I told him, if you hate it, why do you keep coming back?

I didn't hate my job. In fact, I was so grateful for it. I believe your 9-5 is your investor. I just knew my time for corporate america was up and I simply wanted to do something aligning with my purpose and spiritual calling. 

On January 17th, 2020. I left the 9-5 and haven't look back since.

From that day forward, I began my journey shifting from the “Employee Mindset” to having an “Entrepreneur Mindset.” There is a complete difference. 

Employee Mindset - wants instant gratification/job security/lives in fear of loss/can be complacent/some are driven to make a difference within the company

Entrepreneur Mindset - understands aligned actions gets results/solves a problem/lives with purpose/driven to make an impact to the world

Since I left the 9-5, I have been helping people strategically attract more clients, close more deals, shift their Mindsets and live their dreams purposefully.  

Ideas became realities.

Purpose became priorities. 

Intentions grew with purpose.

Revenues began to increase. 

And my clients feel the fire that had been inside them this entire time. 

From my experience helping others wanting to live purposely, I learned the following:

Living on purpose is POSSIBLE

Making a living doing what you love is POSSIBLE.

Earning high 6-7 figures entrepreneurial revenues doing what you love to do is POSSIBLE.

I am thrilled to be where I am today! And guess what? This year in 2020, I am ANXIETY ATTACK free! 

I am so appreciative for the unfolding of my journey…the road hasn’t always been easy but it has been very rewarding living with a sense of purpose and clear direction making a living doing what I love! If you feel like you need help turning your story into Purpose Work so you can live life according to your terms and start motivational speaking from the comfort of your home. Send me a private message “iMotivate” so I can show you the strategies that led me to successfully run my business today. 

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