How I transitioned from Fitness Coaching Online to now Business Coaching Online…

If you keep reading this, you will be rewarded…so read until the very end!

Right when COVID-19 hit our economy, I had decided to shift my business model to business coaching. Since then, I focus more on providing my clients with business Strategies that work, so I can be of greater service to you. I will help you get more clients, close more deals and attract your TCs (targeted clients).

I teach you how to attract your Targeted Client (TC) because you it is frustrating, attracting the wrong people in business. You do not want to attract people who don't value your service or offer. It is more important that you attract highly committed people who are going to appreciate and value your service or product just as much as you do. This will result in repeat clients, clients who keep coming back for your help.

I get people coming to me asking me questions about how to start fitness coaching all the time. And I still get people asking me questions about how to snatch their waistlines. I even get people coming to me for personal training TOO!

Here’s the deal…I am absolutely great at coaching both…however, I know where I am taking my business in the next 5 years. So my main focus has been Motivational Speaking and Business Coaching. My latest Program teaches you how to attract happy paying clients online. The folks you want to work with, (seriously committed and not screaming I can’t afford you)!

Imaging this, you are in business….you have product or service ?

And you launch it, and then you get crickets…no one is really buying. You get one or two sales but then you are struggling to understand where did you go wrong? You feel like a complete failure deep down inside but you know better than that.

You are fed up, trying so hard to help people by offering your product or service , but now you are thinking about calling quits. You feel as though, this is not really working out the way you thought it would.

And your enthusiasm is shot, killed, dead and gone. So you give up altogether. Hell you feel like you really never had anyone supporting you in the first place.

Look, I want you to know this, first off…WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE BEFORE!

Most entrepreneurs will second guess themselves in the beginning, especially when you jump out here with no sense of direction. However, we live during a time where you can ACTION-LY receive help and proper guidance. In fact, just as you want to help someone with your service or product, there is someone who wants to help YOU turn things around TOO, so you CAN BE A BLESSING IN THE WORLD.

If you give up, how does that affect change in the world? How does anyone benefit from your UNIQUENESS? They don’t and they won’t because you have chosen to back out the market and give up!

So let’s say this, you decided NOT TO GIVE UP…you want a second chance just like I did! You want to get happy paying clients knocking at your door.

Guess what?

There is a way…and I am going to share with you the NEXT STEP YOU NEED TO TAKE, to turn things around in your business. However, you are going to show up seriously committed if you are ready to take yourself to the next level, by sending me a private message via Instagram “NEXT LEVEL”…and I want you to share with me where you are now, so I can guide you on the next PROFITABLE STEP YOU NEED TO TAKE right now!

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