Create Your Own Love Story

The essence of love is the vision you create...gather your sources within and paint the picture you wish to see.

I love him more each day, as I do life! Los Angeles, California.

Are you ready to create your own love story? Let's begin, it gets as juicy as you create it to be. I had the pleasure to create my own love story and it is still unfolding everyday. It feels like a fairytale.

I think our mindfulness has really help us grow as we continue to add value to us one moment at a time.

Have you ever watched a romance movie on Netflix and cried midway into the movie? I’ve done this hundreds of times! When I was 14 years old, my grandmother took my mother, my brothers and me into her home. I can remember living in a house full of people. We had my grandmother, her husband, my mother, my brothers, my aunt and cousins, a big family in one home! We all lived in a nice sized three-bedroom ranch house located in East Point, GA.

Boy did I enjoy living with my grandmother! She’s an amazing lady and I truly admire her courage to support everyone in my family. She’s a retired educator. She taught middle grades and high school Social Studies, Reading and Geography. Every weekend either Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, I sat close to my grandmother on the couch watching Lifetime movies. The movies aired on the Lifetime network were very interesting to me. Sometimes we watched sad movies and then there were times I found myself indulging in a beautiful love story. And yep, my thoughts were multiplying with “what if scenarios.” I would picture myself being the girl falling in love in those movies. I like to dream the night away after watching a mesmerizing love story. Years later, I’m 31 years old and I still love a good ole romance movie.

            One of the latest movies, I fell in love with is “Me Before You.” This movie is just so intimate, kind, and a breathtaking reflection of true love. In this movie, the story line exhibits what I like to call “unconditional love.” Love at its purest state. It is about a girl in a small town who grows an unbelievable bond with a recently paralyzed man she’s taking care of. I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I won’t spare the details here. This is definitely on my top must see love movies!

Here is my current love story.

            Now that brings me to this post, I recently started a new relationship, it was unexpected but very blissful. Every moment with him seems like we are creating our own love story. We are in tune with each other’s desires and intentions. I believe I fell in love with my best friend, and we recognize the best about of each other. We laugh, talk for hours and dance to the sound of music even when the music is turned off. He loves to show off his dance moves from time to time. I laugh at him for his charisma and courage to move his hips like a salsa dancer. Through life challenges we uplift and encourage each other. We are creating healthy deposits into our relationship every day. We take time to think simple and tender about one another. We show in our actions of how much we appreciate each other, not just for what we do for each other, but for our very own existence. We manage our time to observe and reflect on how we can grow in our relationship. I think our mindfulness has really help us grow as we continue to add value to us one moment at a time.

In complete harmony with "The Art of Allowing."

 As good as this may sound, earlier this week, we were hugging as we do on most days, he looked me into my eyes and I faced him with my big smile. I declared let's create the perfect love story. He smiled back at me and we kissed!    


To all my ladies, you hold the power to create your universe as you see fit. Use your confidence to be who you are and attract all that you desire now. And you too can manifest your personal love story. Get comfortable with the art of uncertainty and embrace love at its finest adventures. If you have found someone you adore, or you are in a relationship now, paint the picture of your perfect love story and allow this dream to be your reality!

Until next time,

Love Ceci`

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