Concentrate & Simplify Your Life

Keep it simple, and allow the relaxation period to take your creativity level to a higher level.

Allow life to be of bliss!

As you may want to add clarify to your life, you will notice the more decisions you have to decide upon leads you to a fickle feeling. The feelings of frustration, worries, doubts and fears are more consuming in your world view because you have yet to decide to be clear and concise.

My peace of mind is my ecstasy.

Focus on small bits at a time, give yourself time to breathe.

From my own personal experiences, I have learned as you begin to seek clarification and guidance within your spiritual self, you are led to the answers that will satisfy your desires, wants and needs. These answers guided from within you, will lead you to a path that is narrow and simple. I believe as we focus on one thing at a time, we strengthen our abilities to achieve anything in life. Life is ever changing and it is filled with so much joy for which we notice the joyous moments as we are living simply. As I learned the idea of “least effort,” I begin to understand what this idea or concept truly meant. I started to notice, the ideas that I wanted to manifest or become my reality succeeded as I allowed things to be what they are and focused on what mattered most to me which is my harmony.

My peace of mind is my ecstasy.

I find it simple to concentrate deeply within me because I am at peace with my inner self. In fact, I have made connections with my spiritual being that I believe this has heighten my real-life experiences. As I searched for answers of clarity, I notice it is all about keeping things simple. We live in a complex environment already. So overthinking or adding too much on your plate possibly adds to chaos if you allow it too. I truly enjoy beautiful life experiences. That is why when I had experienced traumatic events in my life, it threw me off course from what I ideally wanted. Since having understanding and guidance from my spiritual self, and I feel more ease and consistent satisfaction.

There is a bible scripture, that I love because this message provides much wisdom for anyone who takes heed to it. It has provided me with much patience and fluency of my own creativity and thinking. I offer you my words of experience to help guide you in your everyday life experiences and I am sure you will find much gratification as I have found it to be.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” -Matthew 7:13-14 NIV

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