Ceci’ Orengo is highly passionate about life! She describes herself as a spiritual scientist by combining her knowledge of science and math with spiritual energy. Her high achievements include studying Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Finance, Human Physiology and now spiritual enlightenment. She is always looking at the bright side of things.


She has two amazing sons and comes from a humble family with much love. Her positive energy brightens up an entire room and she reminds you who you are.  After all, life experiences either teaches us lessons or progressions. She has always inspired her family and friends. Recently, her mom shared Mother’s Day cards that Ceci’ created for her mom during her early childhood. Each card expressed words of powerful inspiration. For example, in one of the cards she writes to her mother:


“The Lord will help you remember that nothing is going to happen to you today that you and I together can’t handle.” Love, Ceci’


Intrigued by this card, she knew this was confirmation to her secret treasure or “Personal Legend” similar to the story line in the book called “The Alchemist,” by Paulo Coelho! And she intends to share an overflow of love to all mankind. She continues to touch each person who comes in contact with her. She teaches on how you can recognize the signs and wonders life is offering you every single day by connecting to the source within you.


Her spiritual philosophy combines self-awareness with personal enlightenment. You are a creator and you create whatever reality you wish to experience. Her ongoing studies include lots of reading materials around the topic “The Law of Attraction” and the power of meditation. As evident in her own life, she knows connecting within will lead you to ultimate self-fulfillment and empowering success.


Her vision is clear and concise, be impactful by believing everyone has the ability to thrive in this world we call reality.


“And for every person who attempts to make the world a better place, will soon learn the world is a better place.”- Ceci’ Orengo

Faith is the essence of source...


My Philosophy

My positive philosophies support personal development for growth, healing and restoration. I believe everyone instills the unique ability to change their reality to reflect peace, joy and love. I am here to help millions of people to create more of what they want in their lives, starting with the mind, body and spirit. I have helped many people change their way of thinking by bringing awareness of the conscious mind through fitness and nutrition. As a result of the spiritual techniques I suggest, my clients experience breakthroughs such as having limiting beliefs to creating unlimited results. I believe awareness opens the door to spiritual enlightenment. And with enlightenment your decision making is starting from a deeper side of you which allows for a more enjoyable life experience.

"Have the courage to let go and forgive"

"Be bold to step into something brand new"

"Allow the Spirit to guide you"

"Be open to receive"

"In perfect timing, you will see"

"God grant me the patience to breathe"

Live simply & enjoy life

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